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Global Warming, Ban Private Jets


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  • TheDCNF asked 31 businesses, foundations and individuals agitating for climate action if they’d support banning private jets.
  • Most didn’t respond, including representatives for Al Gore, the father of global warming activism.
  • The U.N. is calling for trillions to meet the Paris climate accord’s goals, so what’s a few thousand private jets?

Big businesses largely came out in support of the Paris Agreement on global warming, but most contacted by The Daily Caller News Foundation were silent on whether they would give up flying private jets.

TheDCNF wanted to test the commitment of big companies, foundations and outspoken activists who back the Paris accord. The question: Would you support a ban on private jet travel to help stem global warming?

Most companies and individuals TheDCNF reached out to did not respond, including Facebook, Apple, Google and other companies that often tout their “green image.” Not even former Vice President Al Gore, the father of climate activism, responded to TheDCNF’s question.

In fact, all but two of the 26 corporations were silent when asked by TheDCNF if they would support a ban on private jets to help cut greenhouse gas emissions in line with what the United Nations says is needed to meet the Paris accord. TheDCNF asked a total of 31 companies, foundations and individuals if they would support a private jet ban.


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Ban private jets - turboprops become kings.  Ban turboprops, big pistons, and fluid coupled radials may make a come back.  ?

Seriously though, just Gulfstream and Cessna crapping out would equal nearly 20-25k jobs.  Then, think of the numbers of corporate pilots, airport staff, support personnel, FBOs, fuel truck drivers, rampies, A&Ps, hangar business, CFIs, etc, etc, that would be twisting in the wind.  Heck, even the remote airport Dinty Moore vending machine would disappear.

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