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  1. Looks more like an engine to me.
  2. I’d sure love to see everything both sides have. What’s published certainly sounds bad. https://www.tampabay.com/pasco/former-k-9-officer-joins-lawsuit-against-pasco-county-sheriffs-office-says-supervisor-threatened-to-kill-his-dog-20190621/
  3. Make sure Comcast is asymmetrical. We have a gig here and it’s something like 1000 down and 30 up. The only symmetrical offering here from Comcast is their 2gbps service for 299.99 a month. They trench a line directly from your home to their local hub. Also do some reading on community.ubnt.com. And prepare for setting up your hardware. I really wish I did that before being neck deep in hardware and have to spend hours figuring things out... like for example accessing the internet when forced to use your ISP router... like the POS att gateway. Check out Cross Talk Solutions and willie howe on YouTube. They were a god send and had me up and running very quickly.
  4. I have a whole ubiquiti network and love it. Though I’m anxiously awaiting their upgrade to the USG pro/4p, which I’m hoping is over the next few months. The below are in a networking rack. I have 2 AP HDs( not the nano ones) 3x 8-POE-60s 1x 16-POE-150 1 cloud key Gen 2 plus 1 USG Pro/4p I have moved my aunt(mostly because of circumstance and not need) and my cousin over as well. Although they have different hardware to suit their networks. I manage all three from the cloud key very easily. I have ATT’s symmetrical gig service and felt that the AP pros didn’t adequately handle it. Went to the AP HDs(or “UAP-AC-HD” depending on where you look and the difference was very noticeable on my iPhone 7 Plus.) I also noticed a difference between the 3p router you listed, and the 4p. Don’t order any of the hardware on amazon. Go through an authorized reseller, or go through them(though their return policy isn’t the best). I personally mostly use BH-photo for everything UniFi. Also, I’d make sure you’re access points can be powered by the switches.
  5. https://m.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=854517978224883&id=100010000660053
  6. I believe we have 75.
  7. High priced Edible arrangements.
  8. Check out the XDM 3.8 compact .45.
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