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Next Wednesday morning


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My mom will have a second open heart surgery.  She had another 8 years ago, but the valve is going bad.  Everything else is ok with her heart.  But about 3 weeks ago I had to take her to the ER because she was getting short of breath.  The good thing is when you roll a 75 year old woman into the ER with shortness of breath they get her in the back quick. I was actually pleased with our local ER.  Long series of appointments and test later the same surgeon as before will be working on her.  Arkansas Heart Hospital is a very professional place with quality staff.  Today on my lunch break I ran into goodwill and found a decent lift chair.  They are going through her sternum and she will not be able to push off with her hands to get up for a while.  What I did 8 years ago was just tilt the recliner she was in and lift it up a bit so she could get out.  She also has a bed that can raise and lower the head but I have to fix something on it tomorrow so it can work.  Trying to get things ready for when she comes home. 

Had her watch one of this guy's videos last weekend or before that talking about going through his first heart surgery.


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