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Man vs. Machine

El Spicoli

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My ship in the Navy was a wooden Mine Sweep Ocean, MSO.  We were a small ship but incredibly sea worthy.

One storm in the Atlantic, I was in the wheelhouse just watching the waves of the storm when I heard a wack -wack repeating noise.  I looked at a pendulum on the bulkhead and is said "Inclinometer".

I asked what it meant when it hit the stop,  The guy on the wheel calmly said that means we should roll over.  We didn't, but it was a "bumpy ride".

That little ship rode massive storms like a cork!

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Me vs. Machine means....

I can easily get hurt. Like, even with a shop-vac....

I got a little toy from the $ store. It's great for burning minutes when on phone-holds, or something. It's got water in it with little pegs and loops that you pump bubbles and blow them around onto the pegs. Win! I got the one with baby sharks and missile turrets.

But, I didn't even test-play it. When I got it home, one pumper-button worked fine, but the other was locked up. I tried to smash it, not sure if it was even supposed to move. Then I got fed up and really crushed the puppy.

It popped free,

with a sudden loud snap and a massive bubble display.

And a nice sliver of broke plastic punched a decent hole in my thumb.

The toy works fine now. It REALLY blows.
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