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Huaco Kid

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I was putting stuff in the car and noticed a cute girl in the parking lot staring at me.  She had white long sleeves and pants and a white ski cap, and round hippy glasses, straight blonde hair down to her waist.  Then she stopped frozen and slowly turned to stare at me,  all across the lot.  

I assumed it's because I look exactly like Tom Cruise.  Except for my wild scarecrow-hair, which only makes me more rugged.  I thought, "Yeah, baby, it's me."  Now she's creeping me out, with her intentness.

Then two other dudes came out,  dressed all in white.  White ski caps.  I quickly noticed that the one guy had red paint spilled all over the crotch of his painter's pants. Then I saw that the other guy did too, all running down his legs.  wha?

Then they got in a van that was encrusted with anti-circumcision stickers. "10 out of 10 babies hate circumcision"

I don't know if they're just adamant and walk around like that all day,  but suspect they were going to go bullhorn some religious event, or something.

Only after I saw the van, I noticed that their ski caps were pulled up high and floppy on their heads and cinched at the top. 


If you're going to be d*ckheads, you may as well own it and be proud of it.

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5 hours ago, ChuteTheMall said:

Their reason for worrying about what others do is a manifestation of their inferiority complex, which was compicated by being embarrased in the locker room. Or laughed at by a girl. :banana:

Yes, because being against the circumcision of infant boys who can't consent to the procedure, which can cause damage to the penis or even death, is an obvious sign of an inferiority complex.   Imbecile.

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