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The US is now run by a dysfunctional elderly. how in the world is this possible? the left bought into all this fake ass Trump hate, claiming he is not fit for office, and now look at Biden! that fool can't talk, can't walk, loses his thought all the times, his sentences often don't make ANY sense, he sniffs and fumbles girls like a freak, and yet he has signed many more executive orders than Trump in the first 100 days. how can voters be so delusional that they think that Biden is one once better for the country?

Do they even think? Or do they just vote what they have always voted for..?

How can the Dem voters not see how they have been manipulated and made into tools?

Its kinda funny how Dem voters claim to be so liberal... but yet they produced the biggest hate on white folks, men, Christians, gun owners, Trump voters, conservatives, police.

in reality they hate everything that doesn't fit their narrow band of expectations.




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