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Tribute To Policemen

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3 minutes ago, Ramjet38 said:

That about says it all.  

Unfortunately they're having a Rodney Dangerfield moment in time in that they have no respect (from many).


Most people don't know this but a police officer (at least in my state) can't be legally offended as the job is that bad...they expect you to pretty much deal with it...and try not to be sensitive to it.

At least you know when you wake up on your day off...that you did your best to help hold things together.  Civilization does require some level of structure.

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59 minutes ago, janice6 said:

Countries without an organized police force have armed military enforce laws.  Which would you rather have...........

We actually have volunteers.  In my state a reserve officer must be fully certified.   They have all the rights and duties of a regular uniformed officer.

Only difference is:  They don't normally get paid unless they go to training or court.

It was the best six months i ever had in uniform.  I should have stayed a reservist.  :) And got a better paying job elsewhere.

I knew one pharmacist who was a reserve officer.   When that came out in court that he was an expert witness and a volunteer you could hear a pin drop in the court room.   He was hell in a narcotics case.

I also know an ER doctor who became a reservist.  He went through the academy just like everyone else and took the big test.   Fully certified and doing traffic detail and football games.  He eventually ended up on the SWAT team because of his medical background.  Dude could shoot freakishly well.

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