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Did Not Take Long..bump stocks..


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Never thought I'd see the government giving Americans instructions on how to properly destroy their own property.

Sad and scary.

We're getting closer to Rabbi's old sig line:  "If you grab your rifle and run out the front door, and no one else has, it's not time..."

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This week, the whining about the Wall and Bump stocks has really pissed me off, if you couldn't tell.

In 2016, if I asked each and every one here that leans to the Right that if i could give you THREE Supreme Court Justices and nothing else on your wish list, or you can live in the world that Hillary Rodham Clinton will create for the rest of your days, is there any one of you that would have not jumped on that offer?

With RBG in dire straights, it looks like Trump will get his 3rd SCOTUS pick.

He's pushed back against globalization, scraped NAFTA, reworked trade with Europe, undone hundreds of regulations especially concerning energy production and environmentalism. He's working with Mexico on the border, he's painted Xi into a corner on trade in China, the Middle east is quiet, no war started over moving our Embassy to Jerusalem. He got funding to rebuild the military. He's restocking the Federal benches with conservatives. He's resisted the most ungodly political onslaught this country has ever seen, and all I read about is you phoucers lost your bump stocks.

Let's just play It's a Wonderful Life and see what the country without Trump would be just 2 years after the fact:

HRC is your Queen and let's say the Dems had Congress

Open Borders
Huge influx of refuges getting asylum from not only Latin America, but hundreds of thousands in YOUR community from the Middle East

Sharia Law in differnt locales welcomed and sanctioned by the DOJ

Bump stock ban? Phiff! How about a complete assault weapon ban, hi cap mag ban, gun shows gone, tax on ammo, no ammo shipping due to Haz Mat
Nothing done on trade or the Trade Deficit
Political Correctness Executive Orders covering everything bathrooms to hiring quotas. Obamacare strengthened and the march to total gov't run Healthcare teed up and ready to go

Middle East would be another series of toppled regimes, and we might be staring nose to nose with Putin over Syria and the Ukraine waiting to see who blinks before some buttons are pushed.

Need I continue?

You so called Right leaning people, and includes you closet Paulistas and Big L Libertarians need to take a good look at what the alternative is, because with your inaction or counter action, that is what you are going to get. NeverTrump is working for Schumer and Pelosi. As the great meme posted today said, the Dems aren't after Trump, they are after you old White conservative Dudes. Trump is the only thing protecting you from them. you cannot run up into the mountains and play Ted Kaczynski and spout your ultra conservative manifestos from your keyboard and make a difference. 

You poor bastards that claim you can't do anything about RINOs in other states and you are powerless are full of crap! Get out your checkbooks and send money to support good people in contested areas. That's how the dems just won the House! Instead of crying about getting their asses beaten again and again, they organized politically, raised the money, and bought 40 seats. Yes, you can buy House seats.

You Old White phoucers that sit and dream of a return to Dwight Eisenhower's 1955 America better snap out of your delusion. We are about to entire the THIRD decade of the 21st Century. We have as much in common with 1955 America as 1955 had with 1880 America. Our job is to make the best America we can in the 21st Century. Throwing a temper tantrum every time you don't get each and everything you want out of Trump is defeatist, and quite frankly shortsighted. You are the targets of the Piddlers and Rolling Blunders and other Democratic Underground trolls whose sole aim is come here, stir the pot, and make you doubt the success that Trump has enjoyed.

What has Trump lost on so far?

The Wall? Immigration? Obamacare?

Just because maybe he has not achieved total victory, doesn't mean he's lost. The fight is far from over! The bout is only in the second round, schedule for 8 as I see it. If you some of you people were Muhammed Ali, you would have quit vs. George Foreman after getting whacked around for the first two rounds in the Rumble in the Jungle, whereas Ali knocked that big mutherphoucer out and solidified his greatness in the later rounds.

So what are you going to do for the next 2 years while the Dems and the MSM unleash their Spring Offensive against Trump? Give up? resigned to the Dems winning in 2020? Gonna move to Paraguay. Hey, puzzies! Maybe you join the fight? Maybe you stroke a check to the RNC. Maybe you retired phoucers jump in the Winnebago and go work on a campaign elsewhere. That's what the Dems are doing! Trump ain't got balls? Where are yours? Women sit around and bitch about problems and injustices, men find solutions. Your solution is not wishing for a return of "I Like Ike". For some, your first step is a good dose of antidepressants and a reality check of what the Democrats have for you and the country you want to leave your kids and grandkids. Beside bitch and moan, what are you willing to do? For me, I'm using the checkbook. I need to take back my formerly GOP District that the Dems bought. If that's not an option for you, how about some volunteerism? That is, if any of this is really important to you.

I will tell you right now that anyone who wants to pick one one particular point in all of this and argue endlessly has missed the bigger message.

Agree, disagree, flame, or ridicule. I'm nonplussed. If this makes sense to one person who reads it, it was worth my time.

In closing,

Merry Christmas and Blessing to ALL


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Hillary is a false dichotomy, she lost. Comparing her to Trump is a non factor.

Compare Trumps administration to Trumps campaign promises

Compare Trumps words to Trumps actions

Compare Trumps rallies with supporters to his commitment to those same supporters.


all politicians take their base for granted to a point, some more than others.

Firing up your base by chanting slogans is not staying committed to them, it’s preaching to the congregation.


The promised first 100 days is now two years along, gun free zones, reciprocity, suppressors, tax cut has an expiration date (he seems to have no problem vetoing over the wall, but not for a permanent tax cut) DACA remains, Obamacare remains.

add to that bump stocks that even Obama’s admin said were legal. NRA got Trump a lot of votes but this isn’t compromise, this isn’t the lessor of two, this isn’t preventative. This is anti-gun. Blatant and political, nonfactual, made up and imagined definitions. This is a thumb in the eye to a big part of his appeal to gun owners. No way to sugarcoat it.

Business tax cuts are permanent, regulation reduction has focused on corporations, he has given us two good justices. So overall...C to a C-


I suppose that makes me a deep state swamp creature America hater Rino never Trumper.....but I’m not a sheep






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"We practice selective annihilation of mayors and government officials, for example, to create a vacuum, then we fill that vacuum. As popular war advances, peace is closer."


That guillotine may come in handy in the near future. Those assholes in DC might pucker a bit if one of those things appeared on the steps of the Capitol overnight...

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Just get a light trigger, you will accomplish much the same thing, and still stick it to the man.  Also, binary triggers are still around.  I have never been a fan of full auto, when I carried one.  I preferred semi for control.  Full auto was for "I'm really screwed," or suppressive fire.  The only time I turned on the fun switch was for qualification.  It is cool and all, but, it was a lot of bullets down range, and there was always the inevitable lurking possibility of a jam.

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I suggest whomever came up with this idea, or mandatory destruction, to mail the parts en masse to whomever came up with this idea and flood their office with package after package, after package.  If this was done nation wide, it would drive them crazy.  Because, then it becomes their responsibility to dispose of it.

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3 hours ago, Silentpoet said:

Based on this effort to restrict gun rights and the fact he has not done one thing to expand our rights, at this point I cannot vote for trump again.  I haven’t seen one thing he has done for us.

For the rest of our lives it's always going to come down to the lesser of two evils.   To think otherwise is chasing unicorns.  

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There will be two big tests.  

1.  Will this make it to the supremes and will they hear it?  Based upon Robert's and Kavanaugh's record as of late, I'd say no.

2.  If it is heard, how will they rule?  2A, 5A, and ex post facto, etc may be involved.  7 of the 9 are known values.  The two previously mentioned are not, but I'm not thinking they are our friends.

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