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ICE Just Told NJ’s AG To Shove It: You Want To Restrict Cooperation…We’ll Just Increase Our Immigration Raids


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"Federal agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement since April have conducted at least three major raids across New Jersey, arresting nearly 190 people suspected of being undocumented immigrants.

That followed a 12-month period during which ICE’s Newark, New Jersey, field office increased its arrest rate 42 percent during fiscal year 2017, according to an analysis by the Pew Research Center."


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5 hours ago, windowasher said:

Illegal immigration could be curtailed by seizing the business properties of employers.  Meat packing plant employing illegals? Seize it.  Make the employers fight to get it back in open court.  Won't take long to dry up the jobs that encourage illegality

Why is this so hard to understand?   If you dry up demand, you’ll dry up supply.  Easy peasy.

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It is not hard to understand.  IINS Special Agents, later ICS SA;s, under Obama H.S.I (Homeland Security Investigations) were originally tasked with I-9 inspections.  However, Congress had passed a restriction that unless training was received on I-9 enforcement, it could not be done, and they refused to allocate any funding, nor permitted training.  Before that garbage, you could do an I-9 inspection wherever you wanted to.  I-9's were designed to fine businesses heavily for hiring illegal employees.  It wasn't popular with Congress, as it hurt their bottom line politically, or financially.  When we did "raids" it was due to 8 USC 1324, harboring, or transporting illegal aliens.  It carries felony weight.  You targeted the traffickers.  About the only place you had unilateral leeway was when illegal aliens were on Military bases making base housing.  That is just a big no-no, all the time.  Illegal Aliens are not permitted into a Government facility except for the purposes of detention.

Now around 1998, an illegal alien decided to be an idiot, and gave a local LEO a literally **** burrito.  I don't think I saw that many local LEO's on the abandoned Naval Station in awhile.  They crushed that restaurant, and the illegals were housed on base, until processing and transport for removal purposes.  So, it sounds like, in a small way, we are getting our balls  out again.  At least for awhile. 

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