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The great fleecing of the U.S. taxpayer continues unabated.

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Nearly Two-Thirds Of Non-Citizen Households In America Are On Welfare

"The information CIS uncovered is infuriating in a number of ways. The 63% figure is almost twice the rate of native-headed American households that use welfare, which is a disturbingly high 35% as it is. But non-citizen households (45%) also utilize food programs at a much higher rate than natives (21%), and disproportionately tap into Medicaid programs as well (50% vs. 23%).

The most telling statistic in the review, however, is that welfare use rises among non-citizens the longer they are in our country."


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18 hours ago, Jammersix said:


I read the second link.  Here's what I got out of it:

Some people working at one of Trump's properties are in the country illegally, and working using false documents.  Some of the management knew about this, and even helped them get replacement documents when necessary.  Trump always treated the workers nicely, and tipped good money when he saw they were doing a good job.

Now that Trump is taking a harder public stance on illegals, some of the management, who knows the workers are illegals, have been lording it over those employees, and giving them a hard time at work just because they can.  

Some of the people, who are working with false papers, are trying to file for asylum because of a hostile work environment created because they are illegals working with false paperwork...

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So the idea that laws are for you and I but not for him got past you? Or is it that undocumented workers are okay as long as you're a good tipper?

Or perhaps, to take a darker turn, the "president's" stance on immigration is an opportunity for middle managers everywhere?

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As I have said before:  Those that purport to represent us, want illegal aliens, either for votes, or cheap labor.  They all pander to us like we ware stupid children and tell us what we want to hear.  This has been going on for decades.  Frankly, Obama, before he was even elected called those who Enforce Immigration Law were, and his words, "Jack booted thugs."  Most people worshiped at that font of bullshit.  Now, that "OUR GUY" is office, he is feeding us a line of bullshit he thinks the voters want to hear.  Bottom line:  they are all having a chuckle at our expense, and nothing will change.

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On 12/20/2018 at 8:39 PM, Jammersix said:

Try this one: dude was on meth, throwing rocks at cars. When cops shot him, they violated his civil rights. It was worth $750,000.


I read the article, it mentions the fact that I940 will now require officers to have more de-escalation training...

How exactly do you de-escalate a situation where a guy hopped up on drugs is throwing rocks at vehicles and people, without explicitly putting an officer or officers into a risk of grievous bodily harm?

Oh, and the shooting was deemed justified, so another case where the civil court system screws over the criminal legal system.

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He probably threw rocks at the police.  And when illegal alien's throw rocks, they are not stuff you put in your yard.  It is damn near boulder size.  I screwed over a bunch of smuggler's  in the a hood, where I sat below a cliff.  What was thrown down, nearly caved in the SUV roof I was in.  That pissed me off pretty bad, as in the right spot it could have been fatal.  I rolled up in that neighborhood so fast it was damn near on two tires.  I determined if I saw someone standing up there with a huge hunk of rock in their hand, I was going to shoot them.  So, I suspect this is probably what happened to the police that shot the illegal.  Being liberal Seattle, it turned out the way it did.  When in doubt, in Laredo, illegals, or locals will pull up asphalt or big rocks.  There was an off duty BPA.  He, in my opinion, and in the opinion of Management was a waste of space.  Apparently, there was a dispute off duty who the boyfriend of a particular woman.  The other suitor, tore up some asphalt and hit him in the head enough to cause stitches.  The off duty PA shot him dead.  He was on the rubber gun squad "guilty until proven innocent" which he was eventually acquitted of murder.  No lawsuits, just a dead guy.

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