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Charlie Brown Thanksgiving now racist.


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‘Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ Viewers Upset by "Racist" Scene

Tonight, ABC aired the classic animated Peanuts special A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and while many fans tuned in for the warmth of nostalgia to kick off their holiday season, many came away with a less than fuzzy feeling when it came to how one specific character was treated.

The special centers around a somewhat impromptu holiday meal that happens when Peppermint Patty invites herself and several others over to Charlie Brown and Sally's house for Thanksgiving despite the fact that they're preparing to go to their grandmother's for the feast. After a little help from Linus, who convinces Charlie they can have two Thanksgivings, as well as Woodstock and Snoopy who do the cooking, a friends' Thanksgiving is on.

The meal -- buttered toast, pretzel sticks, popcorn, jelly beans, and an ice cream sundae -- is served at a table in the backyard, and while all's well that ends well with everyone ending up invited to Charlie and Sally's grandmother's meal, it's the seating arrangements at this unusual dinner that has some fans on social media heated. Franklin, the one and only black friend in the group, is seated by himself on one side of the table while the other is crowded with the rest of the friends. On top of that, he's sitting in a lawn chair as opposed to everyone else's proper furniture.

It's... not a good look, which viewers were quick to point out. Many felt the scene was in bad taste at a minimum and racist at worse, with most settling into the idea that the special simply hasn't aged well. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving first aired on November 20, 1973 on CBS where it aired every year until 2000. In 2001, it moved to ABC with the rest of the Peanuts specials and has continued to air annually.

Want to see how viewers reacted to the Franklin situation? Read on for more and be sure to let us know your take in the comments.

Not watching this anymore

Not watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving anymore, until they sit some people on the same side of the table as Franklin ✊?✊?

— Vic Damone Jr (@Asharp52) November 22, 2018
Pumpkin pie reparations?

Damn Charlie Brown, 4 on one side and no one by Franklin. Did give him lotsa desserts for reparations i guess. pic.twitter.com/aK72JLFfCn

— michael greer (@mgreer423) November 22, 2018

Am I woke now, why is Franklin in Charlie Brown Thanksgiving sitting all by himself at the table. Man. Things that I did not notice as a child.

— Yessam (@cmass4eva) November 22, 2018
changes everything now

Watching Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving is hard knowing they put my ***** Franklin at the end of the table by himself ?

— ariel (@Sincerely_AJP) November 22, 2018


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Actually, stupidity run amok.  Shultz did it that way on purpose, as Franklin was drawn like Charlie Brown on purpose.  It was done in a time when “Some of my best friends are black” right up until they wanted to move next door or marry into the family.  

At the time Franklin was first drawn, people complained that he was an exact copy of Charlie Brown. Shultz just explained that it simply showed that there was no real difference between black and white.  


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I call BS on this.

There is no way that there would be any racism portrayed in a Charlie Brown cartoon. First off Lucy would have stopped any politically incorrect scenes. Especially when you consider her true identity and current occupation!

Lucy Van Feinstein.jpg

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Where are their parents? They've been abandoned on Thanksgiving. IT'S CHILD ABUSE.

And all that junk food and nobody is complaining about it and making them eat healthy. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?

And where is the dang Health Department? Doesn't the government care that these poor abandoned children have filthy animals preparing the food?

And why did Franklin get the best chair and the best seat in the house? I'd be sitting over there too to get away from Lucy and that stinky dog.

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Boring, but hardly racist.  They have been playing this since the 1960's and Charles Shultz put in Franklin as an FU to the racists of the time.  Now, his attempt to break down racial walls is racist?  Next Uhura from Classic Trek will be considered racists, when the writers were doing the exact same thing.  I guess if you want to look really hard for something racist, and twist it around, you will find it.  There is too much bald faced racism in society to need to invent something that isn't there.

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