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Rented a Sig at the range today


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The wife and I went to the range today to try out the H&K MP5 I got her for Christmas. While there we browse around the store a bit and she mentioned that she was considering getting something lighter than her Ruger SR9 for her carry gun, so I suggested that we rent a 365 since I see so much positive about them on the various forums.

I personally have never cared for small pistols but this was for the wife to try, so we took one back to the range to try it out.

I loaded the magazine for her and turned it over to her. After 3 magazines the target looked like a scatter gun had been used on it. She set down the Sig and went back to her SR9 and proceeded to lay down a nice tight group.

I was up next and gave the little SIG a try. I have to say that I really do not see the appeal of these micro guns, but I guess they work well for some. As for the wife and I. We will be sticking with our Ruger and Glocks.


BTW, the H&K is one sweet little 22lr. I did about a half dozen slow shots and then a mag dump of the rest of the 25 round magazine. Silver Dollar sized group at 15 yards. What a fun little gun!

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My daughter (Oldest one) insisted I shoot her Kimber Micro.  I was surprised at how nice it was to shoot.

However, I don't like small pistols, nothing wrong with them, I just don't like them.

I do prefer a longer barrel for "Point shooting".  I do practice this and am a decent shot with it. I simply believe that some situations won't allow for the time to pull up the sights into view.  A longer barrel helps me with this.

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