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Did China Start U.S. Social Engineering On Pandemic In 2016?


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Take the animated film, Hedgehogs, for example.

Hedgehogs was made in 2016 and released in 2017. It’s a Chineseproduced film directed by Jianming Huang and starring Chevy Chase as a voice-actor.

The film is about a respiratory virus with characters masked up and living in fear. Was this preparing children for a new type of society — a new normal — that would come upon the earth just a few years later in 2020?

Watch the trailer below and you be the judge.


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18 minutes ago, railfancwb said:

Quite possible. China, and Russia as well, can currently play long games because their periodic elections have little or no effect on their actual governments. 

And America is so shallow that a Facebook bot can affect an election

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