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Why Greenies and the Liberal Media Don't Want You to Read About Canada Amid Texas' Deep Freeze


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"We should look to Canada regarding how they keep their power grids running amid frigid conditions. It’s not what you think. It actually proves our point about energy production, which is why the liberal media and the environmental Left probably don’t want you to read this thread about Alberta, Canada. 

How are they able to keep the lights on? It’s simple coal and gas. The two sectors the Left wants to ax from our production capacity. I’ve seen all the so-called fact checks. Wind power isn’t why Texas lost power. Renewable energy isn’t the reason, except that it is. Sorry, the facts are the facts. This push for heavily subsidized wind energy that’s wholly unreliable is what caused the blackouts. The turbines did freeze up. and the wind was responsible for over 40 percent of Texas’ energy. In short, the California model is a good foundational policy to give your residents unreliable energy. The Wall Street Journal torched this green energy push, aptly noting that this policy has put more people in danger than so-called global climate change."

A tale of two places: TX vs. Alberta, Canada.

In TX, a spike in demand during cold temps led to devastating blackouts.

In AB, a spike in demand during *far colder temps* led to... very little disruption.

Why? AB has a reliable, resilient grid with 43% coal and 49% gas.

THREAD pic.twitter.com/kF7S487rK3

— Alex Epstein (@AlexEpstein) February 22, 2021
"Nothing will beat fossil fuels in terms of efficiency and reliability. It works. What doesn’t work are these so-called alternatives that conk out when some snow hits."


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Unfortunately those pushing Green energy view the world around them through their navel restricting their field of view, silencing discussion and breathing a high methane atmosphere typically causes permanent brain damage. Hence we are traveling a foolish path that only enriches certain wealthy while hurting working people. 

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i wonder if the same people who push for Green Energy and will profit from it are the same ones that will be rebuilding and modernizing the Grid so it wont burst into flames monthly from all the people plugging every car into it.


i have the answer they will never speak aloud.

Compact Fusion Reactor.

way, way more Efficient and Actually Green.

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You can get a solar setup installed on your roof by Tesla. It stores the energy in battery banks next to your garage, for days when clouds limit the charge. Many people drive to work and everything they need to, 100% based on solar energy, from their own panels.

Germany uses 46 percent renewable energy sources and they don't see ANY of those blackouts. That being said, they are 20 years ahead in this sector and the innovation was financed through taxation.

Sooner or later we will need alternative / renewable forms of energy, but forcing this through incentives and laws is not the way to go.

At some point we will run out of gas and coal. Increasing demand and shrinking supply will increase the price over decades. At some point people and industries will start using alternative / renewable forms of energy when they become less expensive compared to fossil fuels.

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