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Caliber Quiz


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1 hour ago, Historian said:

32 SW Long?   Just a wild guess.

Not bad my friend! It's indeed a .32 SW Long, with a .308 rifle bullet.

You are next!


57 minutes ago, Walt Longmire said:

.38 with a rifle bullet

You got the rifle bullet part correct.



28 minutes ago, Al Czervik said:

As you stated caliber, not what round, I'm going with 7.62.

Almost, 7.65x23mm.


I came up with this idea a couple years ago, when I watched (once again) 007 The Man With The Golden Gun. They had a prop round that looked very similar. They called it a 4.2-millimeter (.165) caliber but it looked bigger. Maybe I'll upload a ladder with a better fitting rifle bullet and shot it out of my .327 Federal magnum revolver one day.






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4 minutes ago, minervadoe said:

So, it's what us reloaders call a compressed load.

There's enough room left to prevent a squib, or a tumbler. Not going for any higher velocity since I don't have any chamber pressure tester. That being said, maybe I'll get a PressureTrace II. They are only 700 bucks. Heck, my lab grade certified scale was 3 fold.

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