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Glock factory 8lb connector?


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Ok I already know someone is going to ask me if I have lost my mind, or say "WHY would do that !?!?" , or "no way dude that sucks, you're an idiot!!!" - but bear with me here - :)

I have for YEARS ran the factory "-" connector and NY1 spring in ALL my Glocks (I stopped counting at 20 something guns...........). I like it, I am used to it, I can shoot the gun very well with it after years of use.

I bought a G42 two years ago, don't have the option running the "-" connector and NY1 in it, got used to just shooting the little 42 with it's heavier than normal Glock 5lb stock trigger as the 42 comes and it's really "crisp" break. I shoot it well, really enjoy it, life is good. :)

I have two of the last of the Gen 3 regular G30's made (G30, NOT "G30S") I have setup with my usual "-" factory connector and NY1 in each of them. I have pretty much fought from day one with both of them, I just can't seem to get them dialed in to where I am happy with them like I am the rest of Glocks with this setup? I've had Glocks in every caliber and size - 17,19,26, 34, 22, 23, 27, 35, 21, 21sf, and G20 - ALL of them in the "-" and NY1, NEVER an issue breaking in or shooting them. I've got over 500 rounds in both of these two Gen 3 G30 trying to get them dialed in / broken in where I am happy with either one of them. :(

Fast forward back to my little G42. Again love the crispness in it's trigger, it does NOT bother me compared to my usual Glock setup, I shoot it really well.

I got a wild hair up my arse and decided to give the classic hated Glock factory "+" 8lb connector and regular Glock coil trigger spring in one of my two Gen 3 G30. Call me crazy, but it's really not half bad - the take up is supper light compared to the factory "-" connector and NY1, and it breaks really similar to how the stock G42 feels (whatever it is rated at?).

Am I insane, or has anyone else ever tried this just to see how it feels and works? I know you can NOT run the factory 8lb connector and an NY1 (and WHY would you want to anyway? Good Lord!! ? ), again I am running it as it should be with the factory 8lb connector and standard Glock coil trigger spring. Pull is light and smooth, break is VERY short and crisp, again almost like a standard G42?

Thoughts, experiences, input?

Thanks -

PS - I realize this is a pretty unconventional setup and most would never even dare, but let's please avoid all the usual BS with "that sucks" and "no way, that's a POS, WHY would you do that?!". I just want some real world input from anyone else who's actually tried it and what their findings were? This is NOT the way I want to run these two guns, but hey at this point if it works and it's factory parts, I can live with it if it's any better than what I have been running?



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4 hours ago, minderasr said:

Just curious.  What is the trigger pull with the minus connector and NY1 spring?

I don't know the exact number, but if I had to guess I will put it somewhere between the stock coil spring trigger pull at an estimated 5 lb, and the NY1 trigger spring estimated to be rated near 8 pounds or so? It's not so much the weight I really pay attention to that I'm working yet as it is the trigger "feel" I am chasing and what I'm trying to do.

The "-" connector and the NY1 combo simply gives you a lighter trigger pull than the stock connector and the NY1 does that most people who prefer the NY1 spring seem to like more.

I started using this combination roughly 20 years ago and just prefer it on my Glocks. I think I am on my 20th or so Glock now that I have used this on and it just seems to work better for me. For some strange reason though I just can't get these two G30s dialed in with this combo to where I am happy with them. It may simply just take putting another thousand rounds or so through them to soften it up a little, but I was curious to see how the guns would feel with the factory 8 lb connector in one of them with instead?

Thanks -

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If the trigger doesn't feel good to pull, what does it matter if it's at 4 or 5 lbs.

If the trigger feels really good to pull, what does it matter if it's 8 or 10 lbs?


I only own one glock, a G20.4, but I'm also running the NY1 and OEM "-" connector.  It feels good and works for me.  If it didn't feel right, I'd try whatever combination of OEM parts it took to make it feel good and shoot good, with the actual pull weight not being a consideration.


(I can't answer what the trigger pull weight is either, I've never measured mine, I just know it felt a little better to me than the stock spring and trigger bar did)

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I am of the opinion, the trigger is up to the shooter.  I prefer a lighter trigger. I like Johnny Glock competition triggers in my striker fired Glocks.  Less squishy, you know where the break and reset are going to be.  I really haven't had problem with cocked and locked firearms for too much over travel, except the FNX Tactical .45.  There is more travel than most in cocked and locked.

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