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Marxist theory 101


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"From each according to ability. To each according to need."

Simplistically, if there were only two persons in the world and one person earned $2,000,000.00 and another nothing, through redistribution you would have two millionaires instead of one.

It's a good thing.



Ah! Oh! See!

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 Someone would have to coordinate the system, and then assuming the system was working and self supporting, he would have to step down.  In all man's existence, no one has been able to wield that much power and then relinquish it to the people.  Power corrupts.

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Considering that due to climate change the world will end in 12 years, I want some of that excess money just about now.


I can wait a week or two, but the longer it stays in the wrong hands, the worse off the country will be. Do it for the country. And the children.

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