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Pimp slapped


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13 minutes ago, Silentpoet said:

Look up PoliceActivity on youtube,  that donut choker TBO turned me onto it.  The comment section can give much mirth. They have a ton of bodycam shooting incidents.



And I think I got Mr :tbo: hooked on that channel a while ago.

Been subscribed for a long time.

Donut choker :anim_lol:

While we are at it... Donut Operator is also great...


Real World Police is pretty new but also great body cam footage:


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21 hours ago, Presguy said:

You know the fight is gonna be fun when the shirt comes off.

Way back in my youth I learned a lesson about fighting from my dog that was part coyote. For him there was no growling, tail raising, rooster strutting. None of that bullshit. If there was gonna be a dog fight, he smoked right in. The other dog had it's ass kicked before it knew the fight had started. That worked for me also. No chest bumping, trash talking, eyeball staring. 

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I had a friend in high school that had a "fightin' shirt";  an old hockey sweater.

Much to our chagrin,  it made regular appearances.  When he'd pick you up in his car and it was thrown in the back seat, we were like, "Aw! C'mon!"  Nope.  He had an appointment with some other goon that liked fighting.

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