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Creepy Commercials


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1. The Verizon guy.  He always looks like he hasn't shaven for awhile, not by neglect, but by choice.  It seems like he is homeless and lives behind the sign.  He seems to want to randomly stalk people.

2. Every Buick Commercial lately.  It is always sardonic, and a put down for pretty much everyone involved.  Makes you want to just run out and get one.

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The creepiest thing about today’s commercials is the way the Corporations use the progressive message, same sex marriage, interracial couples and everybody but Caucasians.


Sell product with the all inclusive message even though those portrayed are a small minority of the population.


+1 on Subaru, one can drive like an incompetent but the Love of Subaru with protect you.



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10 hours ago, NWPA said:

The creepy, greasy, pillow guy with his cross hanging out of his shirt.  Oh and now I see he's selling quick-clot.  What's that all about?

Yeah, him too.  He is wearing PJ's too, and everyone is eager to see him, as if a PJ wearing guy with a pillow is normal stranger for a household. 

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