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1 hour ago, tadbart said:

Had one yesterday at EPCOT. Not bad, but probably better when warm.



Not sure what you had there, but store bought Lefsa pretty much sucks.

The difference between Home-Made and Store bought is akin to the difference between fresh Home-Made bread and Wonder Bread.

The only Lefsa that comes close, is Freddy's Lefsa made in Fargo ND.  It is actually outstanding for store bought and some in my family can't tell the difference.


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Good lefse is wonderful stuff, whether it's rolled up warm with fish, butter, potatoes, and butter or room temp with butter and sugar.  My sister makes killer lefse. (Yeah, I'm Norwegian.  I said butter, like seven times.  So sue me.)

For after dinner, Kringle with butter and coffee is a nice way to finish up a meal with butter and food.


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