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Cabin movie reviews...


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Went down to the family cabin for a couple of days to burn a couple of more slash piles.

There is no internet and no cell service.  But there is an awesome wood stove, a DVD player, and an ancient projection-screen TV.  We also have about 400 movies there.

So every time I go down, I stop by WalMart and buy 3-4 more movies from the $5 movie bin to watch.

This week I watched 9 movies.  In order of quality from best to worst...

1)  Secondhand Lions - Third or fourth time I've seen it, and it gets better every time.  Just a great movie all around and a must see if you've never seen it.

2)  Patriot's Day - This was the one about the Boston Marathon bombing starring Mahk Walberg.  Very well done and gripping and engaging even though you know how it turns out.  You will shed some tears watching this.  Or you're a monster.


3)  Diehard - Still not convinced this is a Christmas movie, but I hadn't seen it since it first came out and had to buy a copy.  It has aged well and was very good.  Well worth the $5 to have it and will likely watch it again this season.  Just in case it is a Christmas movie...

4)  Roadhouse - Sad to see those Buick Rivieras get trashed, but it is a classic 80's action flick complete with big hair, gratuitous bewbie shots, cheesy lines, and white guys doing Kung Fu.  What's not to love?  And has Sam Elliot never been an old bad ass??  Seriously.  This movie is 30 years old and he was old back then.



5)  Criminal - Kevin Costner's first attempt at being a bad ass action character; according to his interview in the Special Features section.  Funny how he seems to forget about Waterworld...  This movie also starred Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds, and Tommie Lee Jones.  It was good.  How could it not be with those heavy hitters?  It wasn't great, but it was definitely watchable.

6)  Waterworld - Great stunts and great performance by Dennis Hopper.  Convincing grunts by Kevin Costner.  Not a horrible movie, but it suffered from being over-hyped and underwhelming.

7)  Doomsday - A cheesy apocalyptic movie with a smoking hot lead actress, Rhona Mitra...


I did a Bing image search and it was difficult to find a photo of her with her clothes on.  So there's that....  

The movie itself was entertaining and not painful to watch, provided you are prepared for a complete break from reality in which totally armored APCs are susceptible to molotov cocktails and arrows, and Bentley GT coupes can't outrun European diesel lorries all Mad Maxed out with armor...

9)  Bladerunner (original) - This movie was just awful.  It was dark, creepy, boring, weird, and had almost no redeeming qualities.  No idea why it is so revered.   And yes, it is number 9 and not number 8 because if I type out eight), then it turns into a smiley face like so... ?  

9)  Skyline - Another cheesy aliens take over the planet type movie with some actors from TV shows that I love, but the writing was awful and the ending was possibly the worst ending I have ever seen in a movie.  

So there you go.  The movies I watched while at the cabin and my impressions of them.




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