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I have an account and like the service a lot.

I opted for the Tutamail for the higher storage capability, the above, and for for the additional folders to put things. Proton allows 3, Tuta , well I don't know how many they allow in the free version but it is at 8 right now.

Tutamail allowed me to put phone numbers, addresses, and email in the contacts. Proton allows it in the paid versions only.

Both are supposed to be ultra secure, and allow you to send encrypted messages. Make sure you don't lose your password, neither will allow you much for recovery, although the Tutamail will send you a recovery code one time for use if you need it. Don't lose your PW or that recovery code, of course you wanted security.

FWIW, I have been very happy with the choice. I was also amazed at how tied we are to an email. I still have things pop up that I want to address on occasion in my old mailbox, and it has been nearly 2 years.


Edit: I guess this will be here for future inquiries, I just noticed the post date.

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