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Slugs through a shotgun with screw-in choke tubes

SC Tiger

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I have a Remington 11-87 Super Magnum that has screw-in choke tubes.  I saw a particularly vicious looking slug and it got me thinking - IF I got the right choke tube, could I fire slugs through my shotgun?

Is a screw-in choke tube barrel basically an IC barrel until it gets to the tube?

I know they make rifled choke tubes for shotguns but I don't know what the restrictions are on that.  I also know there are a bunch of different types of slugs out there.

BTW - this is the slug:


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From what I've been told in the past, you can shoot rifled slugs through almost any choke, but it's recommended you not go tighter than modified choke, and improved choke seems to be the most often recommended for slugs, though it will still work with a full choke; you might lose a little range from the extra friction.  It will also accelerate the wear on the choke according to some.

Sabot or smooth slugs are designed for with rifled barrel, though they should work almost as well if you use a rifled choke tube.  You just need to get the slug spinning to stabilize it better, so even just that little bit of twist from the rifled choke tube will sometimes do the trick, but you have to find the right slugs to work with it, as not all of them will.  You also lose a little velocity, as you're sacrificing some of the forward energy to induce a spin on the slug.

Some rifled slugs will also improve group size through a rifled choke compared to an improved choke, but others will start messing up because the slug rifling doesn't always play well with the choke rifling.


For your 11-87 I'd imagine any rifled slug will work without having to do anything to your shotgun, though if you're really concerned about longer shot accuracy you can try the rifled choke tube, or just buy a rifled barrel.  On second thought, looking at the price of the rifled barrel, maybe not.  $350 seems a bit too rich for my blood unless you plan on using it dedicated for hunting.  



(I've also been told that the rifled slugs are just so it gets held more centered going down the bore, and then the rifles get squeezed through the choke for final seal/centering, but I'm too lazy to go look up where I saw that)

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