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  1. I Pretty much feel the same way about opera. I love the music but don't usually like the singing. One notable exception is Beethoven's symphony 9 "choral"especially at 2:57 in the video where there's a quiet little intro and then the whole choir goes full blast. I play this in my car at top volume and years ago I had a really good stereo in a converted garage that was behind some stores in a business district and at night I could play it at full volume
  2. the people who design computers and phones are nerds and geeks and they think the more complicated you can make something the better. And as for customer support, those people are totally ****ed up.
  3. She had a re-occurring role in Star Trek Deep Space Nine and was really good as the villain, someone you loved to hate
  4. And back in those days, almost as fast as the speedometer moved to the right, the gas gauge moved to the left!
  5. "Nixon resigned rather than drag the nation through a lengthy impeachment/trial process over Watergate. Clinton chose to put the nation through an impeachment/trial process over a matter which got him disbarred and fined by the state where he was licensed to practice law. " Another reason I didn't appreciate Nixon until many ears later. But I voted for him and served under him as my commander-in-chief
  6. I've never seen that. and it's the funniest thing I've ever seen Carson do!
  7. I'm old enough to remember a time when Democrats were still Americans, and even though they were sometimes sympathetic to the Communists, actually loved their country. But now Democrats have BECOME Communists and HATE their own country and especially hate over half the country that aren't Communists like them.
  8. I had a similar experience. I was against Nixon and Ford because of Watergate and voted for Carter but I really didn't understand what Watergate was really all about but the news media made out like Nixon was guilty of being crooked which looking back, there was no comparison with the crooked things Obama, Hillary, and Biden have done recently and got away with it. And then after 4 years of Carter I voted for Reagan and never voted for a Democrat again.
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