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iPhones reportedly malfunctioning after helium exposure


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It's interesting to hear that Helium defeated the hermetic sealing of a part in the phone.

"...Helium or Krypton 85 Fine Leak

Devices are typically preconditioned in a pressurized chamber and, after the required conditions are met, the leak rate is measured and recorded, applying pass/fail criteria. Devices sealed with helium and undergoing helium leak testing need not be pressurized if requested..."   http://www.gets-usa.com/Hermeticity Testing and Hermetic Seal Test.html

Helium was used on military testing of hermeticity, routinely.  Funny, that if it is claimed to be hermetically sealed, they would leak the very stuff used to test for leaks. Everybody has their version of "hermetic sealing", some are just for advertising.

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