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America-Russia Bromance is Frightening


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Turning enemies into friends?  Nuclear disarmament?  Insisting the Europeans pay their own damn bills.  The nerve of President Trump.  How dare he not follow the example of Obama and turn friends into enemies.  Kneeling to terrorists.  Radicalize millions by bombing the **** out of Asian civilians every time he gets into any trouble?  Or perhaps back a known terrorist organization, The Muslim Brotherhood, in their bloody coup in Egypt.  And alienate America's first ally in the process.

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44 minutes ago, limeylad said:


It would be a flip flop if Trump was the one saying that he loved Russia and hated NATO.

what he said is that NATO needs to spend more, up to the agreed targets.

you and yours are the ones playing the ‘Love Russia, hate NATO” narrative. Not that your putting words in trumps mouth but.......well, yeah that exactly what your doing

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