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Why the Media Have Shifted Gears on the VA Walmart Shooting


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Days after the tragic shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colorado, another mass shooting occurred at a local Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia. Six people were killed in the incident; the shooter committed suicide.

In both cases, the liberal media narratives collapsed once all the details were revealed to the public. As Spencer wrote, the Club Q shooter says ‘they’ identify as non-binary, an 11th-hour revelation that torched the media’s pervasive coverage about the shooter being a right-wing zealot. Was this a move to avoid federal hate crime charges? It wouldn’t be shocking, but the shooter’s legal team is adamant that their client is part of the LGBT community. As soon as this detail dropped, Club Q vanished from the news cycle. 

In Virginia, the shooter, Andre Marcus Bing, 31, was a black male who used a 9mm handgun to kill his co-workers, who he alleges abused him, leading him towards Satan to deal with the situation—which he cited in a disturbing manifesto. Bing was the night manager at the facility (via Associated Press): 


Does race matter here, or any demographic line the Left loves to highlight to create a divisive environment regarding these atrocious acts? Yes and no, sadly. It’s a vicious mass murder, no matter who commits it which deserves attention, but if it’s not a white male who used an AR-15 rifle, the media couldn’t care less. Even worse, as we saw with Club Q, once the narrative can no longer be weaponized against conservatives, the story gets suffocated with a pillow.



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