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Maybe it's because I'm getting older by the minute, but I really believe companies are actually wanting to drive away their customers. As I noted elsewhere, I have an ongoing business relationship with BB&T. For four years they have been touting their merger with Suntrust bringing forth a new banking experience - Truist! Well, today I got an email telling me I can go to their website and make the transition. Why can't they do the transition, and send me a new Truist! debit card? Wouldn't that make my experience more seamless and convenient? I have a feeling that convenience doesn't mean the same to them as it does to me. We'll see.

I also got an email from Chirp, an audiobook service from which I'd bought an abook. It said I could continue reading it whenever I wanted simply by starting the app and playing it. I replied "Why the **** do you think I need to be told that?" I received a breathless response saying they'd remove me from the list of "those type" emails. Good, but why ever bother your customer with that kind of nonsense in the first place? 

Not to mention the endless crap from heath insurance companies telling me about touchy-feely programs I can join where they'll tell me to eat salad and carry around a water bottle. And single page EOBs with three pages of Equal Opportunity and privacy notices. Who cares?

Ad why does every corporate ad have three blacks in lab coats, two asians in business suits, and a meskin woman shopping? As soon as I see that I assume they have nothing to sell to old white guys. 

Hang on, there's some kid on my lawn! :mad:

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