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Cool Mustang

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My first new car was a '67 Mustang but not as cool as this one.  I had Stainless Steel roof and floor consoles with a Parchment White Interior.  V8 and Auto.  I really loved that car.  I made Brushed Stainless door panels for it in the machine shop.  Later I had around 5 or 7 more Mustangs of all types.  At one point my insurance company notified me that they were getting behind in what car I was actually driving, so they cancelled my policy and started over with a brand new one.  Time were good then!

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My second car was a Mustang.  A '74 Mustang Ghia.  Those were the smaller body style.  It had 4 on the floor manual transmission.  I really liked it.  My first car was a '71 Maverick.  My dad was a Ford guy, so my first 2 cars were Fords.  After we got married, we had a full size Ford Bronco.  Then I went to General Motors products, and now I'm with Dodge.  I really like my Charger.  It's my second one.  

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