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Owl Neighbors

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Right now we are in a hot spell for MN.  We have been having 90 degree days one right after another.  This is very hot for this state.

During the hot spell, I am finding a Morning Dove hunkered down on the patio slab under the patio roof daily.  I suspect it's cooler than in the sun, and the bird is just resting from the heat.  It's so cool for us!

We also have a larger Morning Dove that comes about 3PM and sits literally in bird seed up to it's belly.  I have a roof on the 6' bird feeder and she sits, eats and looks like she snoozes until around 5 or 6 then leaves. 

What's so great is that she will stay and just watch us sitting near on the patio in nicer weather, and we don't disturb each other.  It's so cool to have little critters that aren't afraid of you.

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My sister in Iowa has been complaining about the heat and humidity.  She tells me 'we're having Carolina weather', cuz she knows what you're having now is what we have from May through September.  I don't care for it at all, but not much I can do about it.

Have a good 4th.  Stay safe and healthy.

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