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Birth Rate

Mrs Glockrunner

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A little town in southern Illinois had a sensational birth rate, and
scientists decided to visit the place and find out the cause. So the
sociologists, anthropologists, birth control specialists and other
concerned scientists moved to the town prepared to do a six-month study of
the causes of the town's high birth rate.
The day the research testing and all was to begin, the director of the
million-dollar project stopped off at the single cafe in town and ordered
coffee. When the waiter delivered his drink, the scientist detained him
for a moment and asked, "Can you give me an idea was to why your town,
above all others in this country, has such a high birth rate?"
The waiter thought a moment, then said, "I think I can. You see, every
morning at 4:00, the C&A Railroad comes through town and blows its whistle
at all three street crossings. That wakes up the folks here and, as you
can guess, it's too darn late to go back to sleep and too darn early to
get up."
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