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First aerobics, and now the world of cycling...


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Remember when Jim Carrey put on a wig and tight spandex and made fun of manly women?  How far has this country fallen in depravity when the formerly absurd is now widely accepted by those on the left...

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‘Not fair’: World cycling bronze medalist cries foul after transgender woman wins gold



The American bronze medalist who lost a world-championship cycling race to a transgender woman from Canada has criticized the results as unfair.

"First transgender woman world champion...ever," Rachel McKinnon, an assistant professor of philosophy at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, bragged Sunday in a tweet that set off a massive debate.

McKinnon gave a talk at the College of Charleston earlier this year asking: “Is it fair for transwomen athletes to compete in women’s categories?”

While McKinnon argues it is, given the rules and regulations adopted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), the bronze medalist felt another way at the finish of the world championships.

“It’s definitely NOT fair,” Jennifer Wagner, the third-place finisher from Houston, said in response to a tweet from British conservative Katie Hopkins.


For clarity - this was the WOMENS world championships.

I repeat. Women’s.

Congratulations to the brave faces of silver & bronze. The world is gripped by a febrile madness.

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I was the 3rd place rider. It’s definitely NOT fair.


Hopkins tweeted an image of the three cyclists on the podium with this caption: “For clarity – this was the WOMENS world championships. I repeat. Women’s. Congratulations to the brave faces of silver & bronze. The world is gripped by a febrile madness.”

Carolien van Herrikhuyzen, the silver medalist representing the Netherlands and a friend of McKinnon, disagreed.

“No one is a transgender to steal anyone’s medal,” van Herrikhuyzen wrote. “We had an honest race under UCI rules. If you compete you accept the rules, otherwise, don’t compete. I can only imagine what she had to go through in her life to be where she is now, how hard it is to fit in.”

Wagner snapped back: “Just because it’s a CURRENT UCI rule doesn’t mean it[‘s] fair or right. And rules can be changed.”

Four days later, after a firestorm of controversy, Wagner apologized to McKinnon, adding that she will work to get the rules changed offline to avoid more controversy.



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It's everywhere.  Even my grocery store.  The clerk at the line I went through today was male, but he had on horrible bright pink lipstick, badly applied, and pink nail polish that had obviously been on for some time, and a pale pink sweater no man should ever. wear.  He was quite polite, but the visual was bizarre.

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Those female competitors were screwed in front of the world, and  liberals don't give a damn.

Why should a woman compete in any physical match, when she will be put up against a male who claims to feel female only to win something he apparently can't do in a contest with his own gender.

This is pathetic, both for the male pretending to be something he's not, and for the female having to compete with something "else".  Women fought for years to get the right to be recognized as women of substance in our society.


Now in the claim of equality, there will be many areas shut off to women, simply because liberals can't read "X" or "Y".  Women claim to support female victims, yet few seem willing to support their own sex when the chromosomes are in play.

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