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Super Bowl 13 Years Ago

Mrs Glockrunner

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A sad commentary on how far we have deteriorated in 13 years.
There is a definite difference today with the singing of THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER.
Now you have a rock star, sexy women with revealing dresses, strange musical variations...
Super Bowl 39
This video was shot 13 years ago.  Been quite a change since then.  How sad this has been lost.
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Thanks for the beautiful video.   I think I only heard this and the first quarter on the radio because I was driving home.

I think that for the 39th everything was VERY conservative.  The year before that Beyonce sang the National Anthem and Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake  (wardrobe malfunction)  were in the halftime show.  I think what is going on now in terms of the entertainment is an attempt to increase the audience share and appeal to people who watch the commercials rather than the game and make it a family event. 

The waltz was considered to be lewd and "godless" before the 1780s because the participants were too close together.  For quite a while only married women would be seen doing it at a public dance.  And then there was Elvis who was not filmed below the waist for many years.


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