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Methodists: The Big Tent Has Collapsed


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The UMC is doomed, and current leadership has shown that they are not dealing in good faith with the conservative congregations and members who oppose the increasingly radical,  progressive drift of the denomination.   As the author posits, it's time for conservatives to flee the UMC.


As I see it, the most despicable aspect of this debacle is that the UMC has set a deadline of 31 December 2023 for churches to vote/act to disaffiliate.  They have used COVID as an excuse to delay holding the nationwide conference where they will vote to change the Church's traditional doctrines concerning gay marriage and ordination of gay clergy.  That is months AFTER the deadline to disaffiliate, and they are telling current  congregations "don't worry, the Doctrine hasn't changed!"  They are downplaying their intentions and hoping to run out the clock and then present radical changes in the light of it being too late to leave when they do so.  This is underhanded and dishonest in the extreme.


It is time for conservatives to look at actions, not words as proof of intent, and to leave the UMC as quickly as possible. 


The Global Methodist Church is the future of traditional Methodism.



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