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  1. I would rather die suddenly. It's to hard watching people die over a period of time and it sticks in your mind forever
  2. I blame Ellen for causing all her mental problems
  3. the face plant was my favorite part
  4. trust with ? Joe misplaces them and Hunter steals them
  5. They raid Trump but branden probably has secret classified document laying on the kitchen table next to lines of cocaine
  6. And god is been spelled backwards all these years and is really "dog"
  7. Or dropped in a vat of acid
  8. And do away with mail in ballots, you don't show up with your ID you don't get to vote
  9. Mercedes driver involved in 13 prior wrecks before Windsor Hills crash that killed 5, D.A. says (yahoo.com)
  10. If he runs I will vote for him again and it asked to serve I will be his VP
  11. She always seemed so classy to me
  12. they just want to know if they are having sex with a man made vagina or a natural one
  13. I just have a piece of 1/2 in plywood
  14. I don't expect the dem party to back him next time, they know what a sinking turd he is
  15. Loved the show before and now that it goes to Beech Grove indiana it is even bettter. Beech Grove is just a few miles south of where I live in Indianapolis and is actully in Indianapolis. Nice to see locations I recognize and hoping to see people I know. 'Live PD' is back as 'On Patrol: Live' two years after being canceled (nypost.com)
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