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Most People Calling For Nuclear War With Russia Would Never Go Fight There Themselves


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"For the last two years, the blue check Twitter crew has been lecturing the world on how anyone who resisted covid tyranny, “wanted grandma to die!” Droves of ostensible journalists and supposed activists fought tooth and nail with vitriol, hatred, and disdain against anyone who would dare be against forced medical procedures and unscientific economic devastation.

These folks were more than willing to demand government require vaccination passports, complete segregation of the unvaccinated, and in some extreme cases, jailing people who refused the jab.

But on February 24, a switch was flipped and all this anger was then directed at Russia and anyone who would dare talk about the history of that region which didn’t portray Ukraine as some bastion of democracy in their battle against big evil Russia."


"It won’t be the NY Times editor or the BBC executive, or their children, who go off to die in a war with Russia. It will be the poor and patriotic in the military."

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