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The pass-through storage space under the front of the bed is an interesting feature. I don’t have much of an opinion either way about EVs, but this looks like a well designed vehicle. Just expensive and on a fairly short tether.


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Lordstown Motors (they bought the closed GM plant in NE Ohio, several years ago, are looking to bail.  They built (generally, one-off or prototype, i think) electric vehicles.  I really thought they had a chance of hitting the uber-big times with their plans and fanfare (and pre-contract financing) to make EVs for the USPS.  I think mailman jeeps would be a perfect match for an EV.  But, alas,  after taking big dollars from everyone for a long time, they are jumping the shark.

We used to go beach-camping in my Chevy cargo van (12mpg).  Instead of hotels,  we'd just sleep in the van, in a parking-meter spot right next to the beach. Instead of a couple $Bills,  each night for the hotel,  we paid, what, $7 in meter fees.  If the cops noticed you were there for two days,  they'd say you have to leave.  So we'd just park on the other side of the street for another two days.

All we ever needed was several cardboard boxes of supplies and sleeping bags.

It was long ago, and far away.  It was so much better than it is today.....

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Foxconn said Thursday that, as part of the deal, Fisker Inc. will be allowed to make vehicles with the Taiwanese conglomerate in the Ohio factory.

Which Lordstown tried to do,  contract the whole place out to other builders,  because they'd bought a plant that was waaaaaaaaaaay too big for them.

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