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Mountain Men and Life in the Rocky Mountain West.


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10 Greatest Old West Mountain Men

"In the Old West, a mountain man was simply an outdoors-man who lives in the wilderness, usually in mountainous terrain like the Rocky Mountain Range. Many of them was explorers, many of them were hunters of fur traders. Through their various deeds and adventures, they came to be known as some of the toughest people in North America. Their impact on American westward expansion was immense, and many of them grew wealthy through fur trading. Inevitably, most Old West mountain men have simply been forgotten by history. But many have gone down as legendary figures of the era. In this article we focus only on ten of the most incredible examples of these men. Be they deserters who fled to the mountains to avoid military service, fortune seeking fur traders, or just lunatics. Here are the greatest Old West mountain men."



Yes, “ Grizzly Adams “ was a real person, who had a real Grizzly he named “ Benjamin Franklin “.

It was what the tv show was based on, as well as many other’s tales.



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