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Local talk-radio station dropped Michael Savage.


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Replaced him with Ben Shapiro, who I'd never listened to before.

Shapiro is definitely not as polished; very choppy delivery and cadence.  But so far, much less offensive.  I don't recall him being accused of calling hunters sociopaths or calling for bans on AR-15s.

Really, really couldn't stand to listen to Savage anymore.  Rush would come on at 0900 and go until 1100.  Then Savage would come on and I'd either turn the radio off or change stations to the less annoying but less than ideal Hannity.

Now I can just leave the radio on the same station.  Will be interesting to see how good he is.  They dropped Glenn Beck a year or so ago as well.  Apparently they have little tolerance for talk show hosts having meltdowns and jumping the shark.  Good.

I visited the radio station's Facebook page and expressed my gratitude for the change.



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My local station has Rush from 12-3.  Weiner is now only on from 3-4, then Shapiro takes over.  I was hoping Weiner would be dropped altogether.  I have only listened to Shapiro a few times.  His content seemed ok, but he could use some voice coaching to sound like his boys have dropped.

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