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Hip grip for a colt


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I’ve got a 3rd gen Detective Special and I would like to put a Hip Grip on it (just for “old style” sake) but I see a lot of them for the pre ‘71 

its in excellent shape, locks up like a bank vault. Ramp front sight, full underlug.

is there a difference in the frame or grip size between 2nd gen and 3rd gen?



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I see that Midway USA used to sell them but now they're discontinued. However it specitfie3s Pre-71 so I suspect there is a difference.

I have a set of Barami  hip grips for a Smith and Wesson J-frame and what I like about them is that the clip puts you finger in a position where it's more comfortable to pull the trigger and feels better than the skinny factory service grips even though the Barami grips are very compact.  I alos have a Tyler T-grip adaptor on the gun which isw a model 38 humpback airweight bodyguard.


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