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I've Actually Worked Today


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Like, manual labor. Actual work...................................I don't normally actually work.

The warehouse area of our showroom was packed with construction debris, trash, building materials, etc., and it all needed to go. We got the biggest dumpster we could, and we need to get another one. But at least we can walk around back there now.


My biggest worry is the locals are going to open the damn thing up and dig through everything, looking for metals and such.......making a huge mess or getting hurt.





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1 minute ago, KWalrad said:

No "before" photos?

I meant to. But this was such a point of personal, passionate interest, as soon as the dumpster was on the ground, I was tossing stuff in it. I kept meaning to grab some before pics, but couldn't stop my manic need to clean the area.

3 straight hours. Doesn't sound like much, but there was a lot of heavy, bulky, nasty stuff. Most of it had to be lifted over-head, and tossed in. My whole body hurts.

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