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What America Has Done To its Young People is Appalling


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"The startling message I want to convey is that modern America treats its young people abominably from birth through young adulthood. This is largely because of the direct and indirect effects of numerous destructive progressive policies. This explains the numerous problems many young people are having.  They have a right to be angry but need to focus on the true cause of the overwhelming majority of these problems: progressive big government.  To the young people of America, I say: take the red pill; then, don’t get mad; get even.  Make life better for your own children than what progressive America foisted upon you."


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Not my children.  Both ran cross country in school.  Both joined Civil Air Patrol when they reached 12 years of age, passed their PT and promoted every opportunity and learned to fly by 17.  Both started hunting and killed their first deer at 12.  Both field dressed, skinned and butchered their first kills. Both are proficient with firearms and are pretty good gunsmiths and can reload their own ammo.  And to top it off, Both know how to sharpen a skinning knife to razor sharpness.  I would say they they are 1%ers compared to their classmates

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