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Florida beach reopens after rare, double shark attack


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1 minute ago, Mr. Black said:

As a human being, if you go into the ocean, then by all means you get whatever comes your way.   

I prefer to stay my ass out of the ocean.  Plus the ocean stinks.   Well at least around here it does.  :)  

Pretty clean in Florida, we just get bitten by sharks :)

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lol I hear ya.   Our beaches on the north coast of the Pacific are by in large clean too.  When I say stinks, I literally just don't care for the constant smell of seawater.    

A large portion of the Pacific ocean coastline is either rocky or the beaches are more like fish tank gravel.    Our finest sand is much coarser than white sandy beaches of the east.   

Even off the cost of Washington there have been many sightings of Great Whites when the seawater gets to unseasonably high temperatures. 

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when we go into ocean here in nc , im tracking that great white  they put a transmitter on lol,  when i was about 12  i got bit  ,can not say for sure shark  but i had 12 stitches  on back of calf  and teeth marks ,  never saw it ,  either a shark  or rabid mermaid   or small under water sharknado 

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