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Need help identifying this nazi candelabra. Any antique guys here?


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This candelabra was brought back by my grandfather when he served with the RAF as a mechanic in England during WW2. The story he told me was that at war's end many GI's were going home through the base he was stationed at but I don't recall what it was. One GI had this candelabra that he didn't have room for in his bags so he traded it to my grandpa for I think two packs of cigarettes. The story goes that this GI told my grandpa that he was part of a unit or company that made its way to one of Hitlers mountain homes. Many of the GI's took things from that "mansion" (grandpa's words) and this GI chose this as a souvenir.

He kept it on his mantle over his fireplace until about 15 years ago or so when he gave it to me out of the blue. It's been sitting on my piano ever since. I can't find any makers marks or indication of when or where it was made. It's of a heavy brass construction and stands about eighteen inches high and the base is about 5" x 5". 

I've done some internet searching but haven't seen one like it and have no idea where to look for more research. Anyone have any ideas for me?


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