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WH Conveniently Cuts and Runs From Previous 'Twitter Interference' Position Under Questioning


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"Though it’s quite common for the Biden administration to tinkle on your leg and tell you it’s raining, the tactic has been taken to absurd new heights in recent weeks in the aftermath of Tesla CEO Elon Musk taking over Twitter and his ongoing revelations about the social media platform’s inner workings thanks in part to the release of the Twitter Files.

The latest perfect example of this comes courtesy of White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who was asked during the daily press briefing Friday if the Biden White House had had any behind-the-scenes conversations with now-fired former Twitter lawyer (and former FBI general counsel) Jim Baker regarding Twitter’s moderation decisions and/or Musk’s efforts at transparency.

Jean-Pierre’s response was to proclaim that the White House has repeatedly stated that “it’s up to private companies to make these types of decisions” while noting that “we were not involved” with anything related to Baker during his time at Twitter."


"Here we are nearly a year and a half later, and the Biden White House is still talking about “misinformation,” except in this case they’re centering their “concerns” around the fact that Elon Musk is the new sheriff in Twitterville, which means bye-bye to censorship and hello to the free expression of ideas and differing viewpoints.

That’s dangerous territory, Jean-Pierre explained in response to a question from a reporter last Tuesday on what “tools” the White House had at their disposal to help them “keep track” of developments at Twitter under Musk’s rule.

“Again, we’re all keeping a close eye on this. We’re all monitoring what’s — what’s currently occurring. And we see — you know, we see it with our own eyes of what you all are reporting and, just for ourselves, what’s happening on Twitter,” she said at the time while continuing to emphasize that they believed it was the responsibility of private companies to decide how to handle “misinformation.”

Do not be fooled. We know exactly what they’re up to, and it’s definitely not letting private companies freely make their own decisions."

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