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Carbon Dioxide, Blamed for Climate Change, Is Actually Beneficial to Earth and Life: Expert


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"I’m old so we didn’t have drag queens and gender studies in high school and college. We learned in high school about Things like CO2 being essential to a plant’s life cycle.  The idea of carbon being “bad” has been baffling, since we know humans are about 18% carbon. Maybe that’s why they want us to take the death jabs."  Just like COVID19, Climate Change is just another scam created by the elites for their own financial gain…and control."


"The combination of modest warming and increased CO2 brings many benefits to human civilization, Wrightstone said. “The warming allows longer growing seasons.”

Looking back at several thousand years of human history, there were three warming periods, Wrightstone said, and each of those warming periods were warmer than today, but the level of carbon dioxide was much lower.

“Each one of these warming periods was hugely beneficial for mankind. Life was good, food was bountiful, great civilizations and empires arose,” he said.

The first great warming period, called the Minoan warm period, occurred during the Bronze Age, Wrightstone said.

The first great civilizations that rose up during that period were the Minoans, the Hittites, the Babylonians, and the Assyrians, and then the earth started getting cold, Wrightstone explained.

“All of those civilizations crashed and cratered at about the same time related to this cold. It was called the late Bronze Age collapse,” he said."

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