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How to stop mass shooters

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At the risk of repeating some excellent guidance offered by a noted firearms and lethal force expert, here is what I think is the best solution if you can't just shoot 'em:


Scenario:  you are in a public place and an active shooter is using a rifle killing innocents.  You have no firearm, but you ARE carrying a defensive knife (as you always should be.)  The shooter is right handed, using his right hand to actuate the trigger, with his left hand gripping the forearm or foregrip. (If he's a lefty, adapt directions accordingly.)


Draw your knife in reverse grip, edge towards you.  Do all you can to rush the shooter from behind, from about his 5 o'clock.  (Or 7 'o'clock if he's a lefty.)

Reach your left arm over the rifle,  trapping the weapon with your arm and elbow. Jam the knife down, between his right wrist and the stock or pistol grip.  Rip it outwards, severing the shooter's wrist tendons.  He won't be shooting any more with that hand.  


Quickly turn left towards the gun, reach over the rifle and jam the knife between the shooter's left elbow or wrist and the rifle.  Rip it outward again, severing his arm tendons at the elbow or wrist.  He's done using that arm now too.  

Arm yourself with the rifle and take care of business as required if he brought friends with him.


YMMV.  Add a backhand "pikal jab" thrust to the throat if time permits.  Saves on prison costs and legal expenses.



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