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Gun-Grabbers Pulling Out All the Stops to Kill Your 2A Rights


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"In the good old days, the gun-grabbers only went after your "high capacity" magazines or what they said was an "assault weapon" and called it a day.  They were "butters" for the Second Amendment — as in "I support the 2nd Amendment, but...," and they went on from there proving they had no use for you or your guns.

That was before they came up with the brilliant idea of "defunding the police," because we all know that the best way to control crime is to stop catching criminals or keeping them in jail.  It usually helps to "feel" these ideas rather than think about them; that's the only way they make sense, at least if you're AOC.

Then, to the surprise of no one except the anti-liberty left, crime skyrocketed out of control, and everyone ran out to buy guns.  This confused the feelings over logic folks to no end.  They know that guns are bad; they know that guns cause violence because that's what they repeat to themselves like a religious catechism.  So what's a good Democrat to do in the face of wrongthink?  Ah-ha!  They needed to make a change in their worldview!  That's very "progressive," after all — taking into account new circumstances and new realities for the 21st century!  Unlike the Neanderthals of the right, they are responsible human beings, so they are the only ones who should own guns."


"These 2nd Amendment abominations violate the 6th, the 8th, and two parts of the 5th for good measure while infringing on the 1st and 4th, which is one magic lugi of civil rights law."

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