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Pianist Persecuted in Communist Albania Warns Against Socialism in the US: ‘Don’t Fall for It’


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"An accomplished classical pianist who grew up in communist Albania—and whose family was labeled by the Party as having a “bad biography”—overcame political persecution and is now using her family’s story to warn people that “socialism is a cover-up for communism.”

American-Albanian Dr. Elida Dakoli, who was born in the city of Dures, Albania, couldn’t escape the designated label as a child. It all began with her maternal great-grandfather and paternal grandfather, who were eventually poisoned to death by the communist party."


"“To have a ‘bad biography’ was to be a second-class citizen that bears the mark as an ‘enemy of the people,’” she said. “Many with ‘bad biographies’ were murdered, like my great-grandfather, or imprisoned, like my grandfather, but even more were persecuted..

“Those with a ‘bad biography’ did not have the same privileges as the rest of their community,” she added. “Their job options were limited, as most were not permitted to pursue advanced education or careers. They were often forced to move to the country to work and farm the government-owned land.”"

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