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In these challenging times it's important to use patience and courtesy when dealing with service employees. They are often perfectly normal intelligent people just trying to deal with layers in their bureaucracy. I needed to purchase a small piece of equipment from a firm located in the Great White North, Ontario specifically. I spoke with the owner and we agreed on the details, but due to it being a tiny firm they don't have a way to take credit cards, so we agreed that I could send a Western Union money order for 246 USD. Fine, this morning I go to the Western Union at our local Publix and speak with Blanche, who has been saddled with doing WU transfers in addition to every other little task they can make for her. 

Me: Hi, I need to send a WU MO to Bob Schmob in Neil's Origin, Ontario, Canada

Blanche: What's your phone number?

Me: 404-867-5309

< typing >

B: Have you ever sent money with WU?

Me: Yes, but it's been many years.

B: You're not in the system. Let me have your DL and I'll create an account.

< time passes >

B: OK, what's the amount you want to send, to who (sic), and for how much?

Me (gritting teeth): 246 US dollars to Bob Schmob in Neil's Origin, Ontario, Canada

B: That's in Canada. They only allow Canadian dollars to be picked up there.

Me: I suspected as much. Can you tell me the exchange rate?

B: Yes, it's 1.118 to 1

Me: OK. let's just make that conversion (mentally estimate about 275 CAD)

B: OK. Is this to pay for a product or service?

Me: Yes

B: Are you buying this from a telemarketer?

Me: No, although I have spoken with Bob over the phone.

B: These questions are for your protection, sir.

Me: Thanks, but I don't need protection from Bob.

B: Very well.

< Time passes while she enters a lot of text, then prints out what looks like a CVS receipt, with the details (and the UN Resolution on Human Rights) printed out. I read it. >

Me: It says we're sending Bob 246 CAD, shouldn't it be around 275?

B: That's just what it says on the computer, sir.

Me: Yes, but, and I'm not a banker, but usually US money is worth more than Canadian money, and I don't think Biden has had time to make that much difference.

B: Let me call my manager.

< Manager arrives, they confer. At length. > 

Manager says "You can't send US dollars to Canada, they can only dispense Canadian money!" :upeyes:

Apparently Blanche had gotten the fields messed up, and the order couldn't be edited, so we start the whole process over, although we were able to avoid recreating my new account. Thankfully the new receipt shows the correct numbers in the correct places. I pay, thank Blanche for her service, and then send Bob the info and the tracking number. 

It was frustrating, but on a good note, Publix had those Lance Toast-Chee crackers with the spicy cheese on BOGO, so everything was cool. :supergrin:


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